Welcome to Sarlini

Sarlini was founded in 1980 and is nowadays designed by the Dutch design team of Angro, a Brabant-based family company working in legwear fashion and fashion accessories. All our products are designed, produced, and distributed with care and attention. We offer you a contemporary line of high-quality fashion accessories that fit current fashion trends.

our story

We love fashion accessories. After all, what is more fun than styling your outfit using fashionable and comfortable items such as a cap, hat, summertime bandana, or colourful scarf? Our stylists see it as their daily challenge to design a comfortable, fashionable, and affordable fashion line for you, so that you can shine.

All of our products are designed and produced with care. Our fashion line is continually adjusted and expanded, so that we always offer products that fit to seasonal trends. We offer both a winter as well as a summer collection for both young and old.

Sarlini’s fashion collection offers affordable fashion accessories for men, women, and children. Let yourself be inspired by our colourful and fashionable products.